AIM Global Expands Its Presence to Brazil in Partnership with LA Advocacia

AIM Global, specialists in international mobility, is pleased to announce its alliance with the Brazilian legal firm LA Advocacia, a multidisciplinary business law firm based in the city of Recife.

Founded in 2012 by Ellen Leão and Bruno Afonso Bezerra, LA Advocacia emerged with the mission to redefine legal service, offering a modern and differentiated approach. With a forward-thinking vision, the firm combines ease and technique to deliver high-quality legal solutions.

Initially focused on Civil, Judicial, Strategic, and Business Law, LA Advocacia expanded its areas of practice to include Dispute Resolution, Corporate, Restructuring and Insolvency, Technology and Data Protection, Intellectual Property, and Tax. Its team, composed of 15 professionals, works in specialized units to ensure innovative and effective solutions.

“Our mission is to provide a responsible, light, and transparent professional relationship, always seeking to anticipate scenarios and facilitate business with innovative solutions. We promote diversity and inclusion, creating an environment that values the personal and professional growth of our collaborators,” says Ellen Leão, founding partner of the Brazilian firm.

Their plans include expanding their structure and team, maintaining the lightness and social commitment that have always characterized them. They seek to establish themselves as a center of excellence, where clients and collaborators feel valued and committed to building impactful and relevant legal practice.

We have chosen LA Advocacia as our partners for several fundamental reasons. Firstly, they have demonstrated deep knowledge and experience in the legal field. Their solid reputation and track record of success have given us the confidence to establish a lasting alliance.

Additionally, both of our firms are at the forefront, committed to innovation and excellence in our legal practices. LA Advocacia shares the same core values that we, at AIM Global, prioritize in our business relationships: integrity, excellence, and commitment to our clients’ success. Their client-focused approach and ability to offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client were key aspects that attracted us to this partnership.

What opportunities does this joint work between AIM Global and LA Advocacia offer?

Regarding the new challenges we will face together, we are excited about the opportunity to broaden our horizons and explore new territories with the support of LA Advocacia. We believe that together we can achieve extraordinary results and overcome any obstacles that may arise along the way.

In summary, we have chosen LA Advocacia as our partners for their competence, professional ethics, and commitment to excellence, and we are eager to embark on this exciting and enriching journey together.

Caterina Utili, General Manager of AIM Global, stated, “In addition to being proud to continue expanding our borders to seek new opportunities, we are very excited and enthusiastic about this new path we are building together. We are confident that with LA Advocacia, we have a world to explore and continue growing with innovation and professionalism, values that are pillars for both companies.”

What services does AIM Global offer as a result of this new alliance?

  • Visas and residences aimed at the Brazilian public.
  • Golden Visa for Portugal, Spain, and Greece.
  • Nationalizations, especially between Brazil and Portugal, by descent.
  • Creation of companies in Portugal and Brazil, leveraging the cultural and linguistic similarities between the two countries.
  • Legal advice for technology companies.

We welcome these new partners and look forward to the start of a long journey together, helping more families realize their international mobility projects!

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