La Rioja: Discover the Birthplace of Spain’s Finest Wine

La Rioja en España es uno de los destinos más importantes para los amantes de los paisajes y el enoturismo. Foto: Bernard Wortelboer

One of the regions in Spain that proudly holds the title of “the birthplace of fine wine” is the province of La Rioja, internationally known for producing some of the best wine varieties. This is evident in the vast number of high-quality wines that have emerged from this region, with over 500 wineries spread throughout the province.

The famous wine Castillo Ygay Tinto Gran Reserva Especial 2010, which achieved the top position in the global ranking of wines that year, comes from La Rioja, particularly from the Marques de Murrieta winery. Close to Logroño, the capital of the province, this winery is one of the many that make up what is known as the Spanish “Wine Tourism Circuit,” undoubtedly a major attraction for those who enjoy regions like Piedmont, Italy.

To complement its wine tourism, the La Rioja region is also known for its high-end gastronomy, making it a significant gourmet destination for lovers of stunning landscapes and the best food in the world. With culinary similarities to the Basque Country, the region’s typical dishes are an excellent match for some of the finest wines that one can taste.

More than just wine tourism

The province of La Rioja, apart from being the quintessential wine region in Spain, is also a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Its landscapes and the warmth of the Riojan people are an almost irresistible temptation, offering not only a wide range of activities but also excellent investment opportunities.

Both Logroño and much of the province boast captivating natural landscapes that are ideal for those who appreciate tranquility and the good life. Among the most interesting investment opportunities are places like Nájera, which, due to its proximity to Logroño and its radiant warmth, has captured the hearts of many tourists who now choose to live there.

Another vibrant locality in the real estate market is Calahorra, bathed by the Cidacos River, a region that seems to be painted with oil, with beautiful green tones and mountains everywhere. For many, it is a place of peace, where one can truly rest and enjoy elite gastronomy, which often features lamb as the main ingredient in many dishes.

La Rioja in Spain is one of the most important destinations for lovers of landscapes and wine tourism. Photo: Mario La Pérgola

The rich history of La Rioja

This is not the first time in history that humanity has seen La Rioja as an excellent destination to settle. This province boasts several key historical monuments in Spain’s rich history, many of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Particularly, a series of monasteries have a significant connection to the history of Catholicism and Spain, and they remain in very good condition, providing an excellent opportunity to dive into the past.

Over its thousands of years of history, castles, monasteries, and cities were built, and they still exude the medieval style that makes them so attractive. Moreover, the countryside of La Rioja is among the most beautiful in the world, comparable to Tuscany in Italy. Many historic estates in the province are for sale, representing an excellent investment opportunity for obtaining a Golden Visa or opting for an Entrepreneur Visa, as the thriving wine business in La Rioja is an excellent option.

If you want to learn more about investment possibilities in La Rioja, you can contact us here.

Tourist Information about La Rioja

How to get there?

By car from Madrid, you can take the Autovía del Norte A-1 towards Logroño and take exit 195. Then, follow the N-232 road to Logroño.

By bus, there are several bus lines connecting Madrid with La Rioja. The Alsa 222 line departs from Madrid Chamartín bus station and arrives at Logroño bus station.

By train, you can take the high-speed AVE train from Madrid Chamartín to Logroño train station.

Where can I find more tourist information?

The La Rioja Tourism Office is located at Calle Portales, 50. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The official tourism website of La Rioja is On this website, you can find information about the region, its towns, wineries, cultural and leisure activities, as well as information on how to get to La Rioja.

What are the points of interest in La Rioja?

Logroño: The capital of La Rioja is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Highlights include the old town, the Cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, and the Museum of La Rioja.

Haro: The city of Haro is known for its wine production. Numerous wineries can be visited, and wine tastings can be enjoyed.

Calahorra: The city of Calahorra is a historic city with significant monumental heritage. Highlights include the Cathedral of Santa María la Mayor and the Castle of Calahorra.

Nájera: The city of Nájera is a historic city with significant monumental heritage. Highlights include the Monastery of Santa María la Real de Nájera and the Castle of Nájera.

What to do in La Rioja?

Visit the wineries of La Rioja and enjoy wine tastings.

Taste the Riojan cuisine, which is known for its meat dishes and wines.

Go hiking or cycling through the landscapes of La Rioja.

Visit the towns of La Rioja, which preserve a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Attend the cultural events held in La Rioja, such as the Festival of La Rioja or the Wine Week.

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