Reasons to create your company in Portugal

In September 2023, the then Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, made a state visit to our country. On that occasion, among various activities, he held a meeting with the directors of the Chile-Portugal Chamber of Commerce (Cachipo), an entity that actively works to strengthen economic, cultural, and cooperation ties between both nations.

During the visit, Costa was accompanied by representatives of nine prominent Portuguese companies. After the meeting, the political leader expressed satisfaction with the trade relations between our countries, adding that he had “great interest in welcoming Chilean companies to Portugal.”

This favorable climate from Portugal towards Chile is not just rhetoric. There are several advantages that favor the arrival of national entrepreneurs to these lands, considered the gateway to other European markets.

What advantages does Portugal offer for your entrepreneurship? In contrast to other European countries, companies in Portugal do not face a lengthy VAT registration process to obtain a valid number for intra-community transactions, as this number is automatically generated when starting activities.

The business climate in the Portuguese country is very favorable to innovation and entrepreneurship. In this sense, there is the benefit of being able to obtain the European passport by establishing a “Startup” in Portugal, also known as the “entrepreneur visa”. The main requirement for this is that the company created is capable of attracting qualified jobs.

It has a similarity with the Golden Visa, in that after legally residing for 5 years, the person can apply for citizenship and thereby the passport, which would allow them to live, work, and move freely within the 27 countries that make up the Schengen Area.

Portugal, as a member of the European Union (EU), has a special interest in renewable energies. In this regard, the Trade Agreement between Chile and the EU opens up investment opportunities for Chilean companies in the field of clean hydrogen, as well as in the export and commercialization of lithium and copper, among other raw materials.

Let’s also remember that last year the Chile-Portugal Trade Mission took place, an initiative by Cachipo that, among other things, allowed for an exchange between entrepreneurs from both countries, showcasing entrepreneurship opportunities in Portugal in fields such as energy, transportation, and agriculture.

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