Spain, one of the best destinations for digital nomadism in the world

You’ve decided to become a digital nomad. But how can you determine which is the best country for that lifestyle? At the very least, you should consider internet speed, legal barriers, tax regulations, healthcare, and travel facilities.

These are precisely some of the aspects that the website VisaGuide.World considers when compiling its ranking, The Digital Nomad Visa Index, which in 2024 ranks Spain as one of the best destinations for digital nomadism.

Some of the factors this index considers are visa availability, internet speed, tax policies, duration of tax exemption, salary requirements for visa application, cost of living in euros, the Global Health Score (GHS) health system score, and tourist popularity.

The top 5 of the Digital Nomad Visa Index is composed of Spain, Argentina, Romania, United Arab Emirates, and Croatia. Neighbor Portugal, which has been among the best countries in the world for digital nomads for years, appears next and ranks sixth on the list.

Within the Iberian Peninsula, specialized publications highlight the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and Las Palmas. Each of them has particular attractions.

For example, Madrid stands out for its cultural offerings, affordable cost of living, high security standards, political stability, and good internet connectivity.

Barcelona, on the other hand, is described in similar terms regarding safety, cultural life, connectivity, etc., although the cost of living may be slightly higher.

Regarding Las Palmas, one of its main attractions is quite difficult to beat: numerous coworking spaces by the sea, with beaches that invite surfing and pleasant spring-like weather.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that Spain has previously been considered one of the best countries for remote work, along with Portugal.

So what is required to obtain a “digital nomad” visa in Spain?

Firstly, you must demonstrate that you have one year of work experience and that you have an income equivalent to twice the Spanish minimum wage (currently approximately €2,268). Most of this income must be generated abroad. Additionally, you must demonstrate that you have the knowledge and expertise required for your job.

With this visa, it is possible to benefit from the Beckham law, which offers a tax exemption on other income for 5 years, except for salary income, which is set at 24%.

There is another highly attractive incentive for Chileans (and Latin Americans in general), as after 2 years of legal residency in the country, they can begin the process to obtain naturalization and thus the Spanish passport, one of the most powerful in the world, which not only allows free movement throughout the Schengen area: with it, you can travel visa-free to 194 destinations, including Mainland China.

Additionally, obtaining citizenship does not require a language test or renunciation of the Chilean passport.

If you have what it takes to be a digital nomad in Spain, schedule a meeting with us. We have an experienced team that will answer all your questions and accompany you throughout the process.

Our job is to facilitate your path to international mobility.

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