Spanish authorities extend the validity of the “Law of Grandchildren”.

Promulgated in 2022, the Law of Democratic Memory – colloquially known as the “Law of Grandchildren” – originally emerged as a measure of reparation for Spaniards who had lost their nationality after being exiled during the Franco regime. After some of the restrictions for applying were removed, it became one of the most processed requests by Spanish consulates worldwide.

Due to the fact that the law itself included a deadline for its validity, there was some uncertainty among applicants and interested parties in recent months. Would the Spanish consular system be able to process the pending requests before October 21, 2024?

But this concern has now been clarified by Spain’s Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Ángel Víctor Torres, whose portfolio includes the application and implementation of this law.

Torres stated in a press meeting at the end of February that “the deadline for descendants of emigrants born abroad and exiles to apply for Spanish nationality under the Democratic Memory Law will be extended for one more year, until the end of 2025.”

The minister admitted on this occasion that the procedures required to obtain nationality under this law were not easy, and therefore the extension was being provided “so that these processes can be completed.”

The announcement was reiterated by the Secretary of State in a meeting with the Cuban ambassador to Spain, Marcelino Medina. The Caribbean nation hosted many Spanish exiles between 1939 and 1975; moreover, it is one of the four countries leading the requests for nationality under this law (the others being Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela).

“I know it is news awaited by many descendants of Spaniards,” Torres said in statements quoted by Radio Cooperativa.

This would be the only change to the “Law of Grandchildren”. The application requirements, required documents, and involved institutions remain the same.

Regarding the benefits, the Consul General of Spain in Buenos Aires, Fernando García Casas, emphasized the fact that having this possibility “can change your life, or at least gives you options. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of a passport from a European Union member country, allowing for greater freedom of movement.”

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