The best universities to study in Spain

For centuries, universities in Spain have stood out on the international stage, playing a central role in the birth and development of these institutions both in Europe and the New World: universities founded in America followed the Spanish model.

Thus, it is worth noting that when Harvard University was founded in 1636 in the then English colony of Massachusetts, there were already 10 universities in Hispanic America following the model established by Alfonso X the Wise in his Siete Partidas.

Recently, the CYD Foundation released its 2024 Ranking, listing the top 10 Spanish universities. This ranking considers various performance indicators and includes 100% of Spain’s public institutions and 80.5% of private ones.

Let’s review the top five universities indexed in this ranking:

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Founded in 1968, this academic institution, located in Bellaterra near Barcelona, is renowned for its excellence in research and teaching. UAB excels in areas such as social sciences, health sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. With a focus on innovation and interdisciplinarity, UAB hosts numerous institutes and research centers. Its commitment to internationalization is reflected in multiple academic collaboration agreements and student exchange programs, consolidating its reputation as a benchmark in European higher education.

University of Navarra

Founded in 1952 by Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, this private institution is based in Pamplona, Spain. Recognized for its academic excellence and comprehensive education approach, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including social sciences, engineering, medicine, and humanities. It stands out for its intense research activity and numerous research centers, such as the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA). The University of Navarra maintains a solid international collaboration network, promoting academic exchange and student mobility globally.

Autonomous University of Madrid

Established in 1968, UAM has consistently been ranked among the best universities in Spain and the world. UAM is distinguished by its focus on research and innovation, especially in areas such as natural sciences, law, economics, and business. The Cantoblanco campus, where UAM is located, is a space dedicated to the academic and personal development of its students, offering top-tier infrastructure and an environment conducive to study and research.

Carlos III University of Madrid

Established in 1989, this is a public higher education institution located in the Community of Madrid, Spain. Known for its focus on research and academic excellence, UC3M offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in areas such as social sciences, engineering, law, and economics. Recognized for its high level of internationalization, the university maintains numerous agreements with prestigious global institutions and promotes student and academic mobility. Additionally, UC3M stands out for its commitment to innovation and knowledge transfer, closely collaborating with the business and technology sectors.

Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)

Founded in 1990, this is a public higher education institution located in Barcelona, Spain. Recognized for its academic excellence and research focus, UPF offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including social sciences, communication, economics, law, and biomedicine. The university is noted for its high rate of internationalization and close collaboration with universities and research centers worldwide. Additionally, UPF is committed to innovation and knowledge transfer, being a benchmark in training highly qualified professionals and generating social and economic impact.

These universities not only lead the educational landscape in Spain but also have a significant international impact. Their undergraduate and postgraduate programs are highly sought after, even by students whose native language is not Spanish.

If you are interested in the possibility of you or your children studying at one of these universities, there are several paths available, and at AIM Global, we are ready to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

One such path is the Golden Visa: with an investment of €500,000 in properties, you have the right to reside in Spain, and if you are Chilean (or Latin American), after just two years of legal residence, you can opt for citizenship, and thus obtain a Spanish passport, granting you the right to travel visa-free throughout the Schengen Area, and of course, to study at one of these universities. A right you can pass on to your children!

Schedule a meeting with our team now and start making your dreams of becoming a global citizen come true.

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