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We are specialists in Global Mobility, to transform people into citizens of the world.
Nationality and European Passport

Why AIM Global?

We are specialists in Global Mobility, to transform people into citizens of the world.

Our mission is to make people happy when they are looking for security, a plan B, or a new project for themselves and their families.

We have the experience to advise you and accompany you in achieving your goal: obtaining the nationality or residency of the chosen country, choosing an investment abroad, incorporating companies, reviewing and drafting contracts, advice on property purchases, among others.

During 2023, we will transform 275 families into global citizens.

Golden Visa
Grandchildren Law
Sephardic Law of Origin

We offer

Golden Visa Portugal

Diversify your portfolio and invest in funds from €500,000 or contribute to cultural projects from €200,000. Apply for your passport after only 5 years, without residing in the country.

Golden Visa Spain

Diversify your wealth and invest in properties from €500,000. Benefit only for Spanish speakers: apply for your passport after only 2 years of residence in the country.

Spanish Passport for Grandchildren Law

Children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Spaniards born outside Spain, who were originally Spanish and can prove their ancestor's nationality with a birth certificate.

Portuguese passport by Sephardic origin

80% of Chileans have an Iberian-Sephardic origin, did you know that? Determine your chances of obtaining Portuguese nationality through genealogical research.


What our customers say

AIM Global provided us with timely, accurate, efficient and friendly advice, performing a variety of services and legal advice in the processing of Portuguese residency and obtaining visas. The AIM Global team accompanied us at all times, providing background and details when necessary, and also knowing when and how to get to specific points.
by Roberto Busel
We had in mind to emigrate many years ago, we knew of a link through our surname with people in Spain. Thanks to AIM Global we were able to get the certificates that guarantee our descent and thus be able to obtain Spanish citizenship. We were very well attended from beginning to end, we felt accompanied in this process of finding our ancestors and honestly it was all very pleasant and accessible.
by Miguel Villagrán
I have been thinking about investing abroad for years, but I never had enough information to find more benefits for my investment. Thanks to AIM Global I now have a property in Portugal, but also the benefits of residency in that country. It was very reassuring to know that my investment was in the hands of people who not only know (and a lot) about the place, but also are there to help.
by Pedro Soria
The economy of my country (Argentina) forced me to make the decision to get one of the many visas to Europe. After a very kind meeting with the AIM Global team I decided to go for the "Ley de Nietos", since my grandfather emigrated from Spain in the middle of the 20th century. I was very grateful for all the services they provided me, as my grandfather was born in a very small town in Spain and getting the certificates on my own was impossible.
by Alejandra Ramos


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