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Our purpose is to make people happy, especially if you are looking for security and a plan B for themselves and their families. We are specialists in obtaining residency and citizenship by investment, providing a comprehensive service supported by a highly professional and committed team.
Golden visas

Some countries that offer programs to obtain the European passport

Discover some of the countries that allow you to obtain residency and citizenship through investment programs.

Bandera Grecia

Golden Visa Greece

This investment program requires an investment in real estate from 250,000 euros. Visa processing is quite fast from submission to review. Once approved, it grants the right to free movement in Greece and the Schengen Area of Europe.

Bandera Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

This program allows you to maintain residence with an investment from 280 thousand euros. It grants the right to live, study and work in Portugal, as well as move freely through the Schengen area. Residency counts towards citizenship in the fifth year, spending only 7 days a year in Portugal.

Bandera España

Golden Visa Spain

This investment program requires a minimum investment of 500,000 euros. The immigration process takes 20 days. Once completed, it gives you the right to live, work and study in Spain, as well as to travel freely throughout the European Union after obtaining a passport.​

Invest in your future

Apply to the European passport through the purchase of real estate

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Discover more with our team of experts

We accompany you throughout the process to discover the best investment options, the best opportunities to obtain your European passport, residence or citizenship in the countries you choose.


Opinions of our clients

AIM Global provided us with timely, accurate, efficient, and friendly advice, conducting a variety of services and legal guidance in the management of Portuguese residency application and visa acquisition. The AIM Global team accompanied us throughout the process, providing background information and details when necessary, and also knowing when and how to address specific points.
by Roberto Busel
Our experience with AIM Global was very pleasant. We were able to enjoy this fantastic adventure of moving to Portugal without the tedious bureaucratic procedures involved in visa and residency permit applications. Both the staff in Santiago and Lisbon were very professional and attentive. Highly recommended.
by Marina Espinoza & Leandro Montane
We had been considering emigrating for many years, knowing that we had a family connection through our surname in Spain. Thanks to AIM Global, we were able to obtain the certificates that guarantee our descent and thus obtain Spanish citizenship. We were well taken care of from start to finish, feeling supported in the process of finding our ancestors, and honestly, everything was very pleasant and accessible.
by Miguel Villagrán

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